May StrengthCrate Reveal

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The May StrengthCrate was curated to and your body so you are able to push yourself harder and be better at what you love.

The featured brands that we partnered with this month were Born Primitive for some killer apparel for both the men and women, Versalifts to help you go deep in the squat rack, BPI Supplements, Caveman Coffee and Bitefuel to keep you fed and energized, and Oral IV to keep you hydrated in the summer months.

Check out the full breakdown of each Crate and make sure you sign up for next months if you haven’t already!

Don’t miss out on the June StrengthCrate! This one is going to be a Limited Edition Crate curated by the one and only BROOKE ENCE!! Make sure to sign up by June 11th to secure your Brooke Ence crate and get all the goodies that she has picked out!

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