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[OMW] Supplement Keychain

$3.75 $5.45

[OMW] Supplement Keychain
[OMW] Supplement Keychain [OMW] Supplement Keychain


Whether you’re finishing up a workout or stuck in the office, the OnMyWhey® portable supplement keychain bottle allows you to bring at least one full scoop of your favorite supplement powder (e.g., preworkout, BCAAs, whey or plant-based protein, etc.) with you wherever you go.

Simply unscrew the bottom cap to SCOOP your supplement into the empty OMW bottle, CARRY the bottle with you by using the easy clip carabiner keychain, and then unscrew the top cap to FUNNEL your supplement into a drink bottle and enjoy! 

Say goodbye to plastic baggies and BRING IT! 


  • Patented Dual Cap Design
  • Holds One Full Scoop of Supplement Powder (~30g)
  • BPA Free & TSA Friendly

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