Strength Crate

May GameDay Crate

The May GameDay Strength Crate was curated to support your body so you are able to push yourself harder and be better at what you love.!  We hope you enjoy the products from all our partners this month and make sure to share your crate with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

Apparel by Born Primitive


You can go ahead and ditch your standard cotton T. These shirts are tailored to fit the body’s “V shape” by having custom stitching that tapers down across the outside of the abdomen (as opposed to running along the sides of the body like conventional shirts). This will provide a much better fit for guys who like to chuck some weight around at the gym. It also features a heathered tri-blend fabric for a ridiculous amount of comfort. The Brand PR boldly displays our new logo complemented by the forward assaulting American flag on the right sleeve and additional branding on the back. This will be your new go-to shirt for the gym or everyday wear. **Style may vary.


These adjustable heel lifts fit comfortably in your training shoes and provide the perfect amount of lift and support when needed. When a workout calls for movements where additional heel lift is beneficial, but also requires movements unsuitable for your lifting shoes, VersaLifts™ are the ultimate solution. For athletes whose hip and ankle mobility is less than ideal, and for coaches training clients to have proper form, VersaLifts™ are a great accessory for your gym bag.

Oral I.V.

While most hydration formulas target dehydration and the replacement of lost electrolytes, Oral I.V. is designed to increase the uptake and utilization of water by rapidly activating your body’s potential to hydrate on a cellular level. That means you are prepping your hydration processes before you even begin that race, workout or that long flight cross-country. And even as important, you keep your water working for you during and post-activity when you don’t have all day to recover.

Clean Snatch Soap

There’s no doubt, you’re working hard. With all that work is sure to come some funk – fight the funk with Clean Snatch Soap! Read through the ingredients, you’ll see they’ve developed a recipe rich with Shea butter and rose hip oils to promote healing. Rips and tears will happen, these ingredients will help ensure you get back to the bar, or whatever your apparatus of choice is, as soon as possible.

Bitefuel Protein Cookies

These protein cookies are soft chewy power bites and are a fan favorite, perfect as a quick breakfast replacement, pre-workout or a reward for a tough workout. Dip them in milk, coffee, or even ice cream if it;s your cheat day!

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