Contact Us & FAQ

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer you as soon as we can (generally less than 24 hrs.). Please email us at

You can also contact us on our Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram

There are three plans for each StrengthCrate –

1. Month to month

2. 3-Month savings plan. If you sign up for the 3-Month plan you will save more!

3. Quarterly, You will be charged once every 3 months and your Crate will ship once        every 3 months.

We can’t tell you exactly what is in each box – that would take all of the fun out of it! What we can tell you is that each month you will receive a Crate full of fitness. You can expect fitness equipment, training aids, apparel, and supplements.
You can find past products from StrengthCrate in our SHOP.

Generally, we do not sell past StrengthCrates unless sponsored by a specific athlete. Please check the shop for the latest available gear and past crates (subject to availability).

We do ship to APO and FPO and we are proud to serve those who are serving us.

For all other orders outside the USA please contact us first. We currently ship to USA, CAN, AUS. If you want to know if we ship to your country please contact us at

When you log into your account you will see at the top of the page a section for referrals. Here you can refer people by email or via one of your social media accounts.

When a someone clicks on the link they are provided and subscribes to StrengthCrate you will automatically be given credit for the referral.
For every subscriber that you refer to StrengthCrate you will be rewarded 200 points. When you reach 5 referrals (1,000 pts) you get your next month FREE!
You also earn 50 pts for every renewal you have with StrengthCrate!

Some of the Crates will have a theme but not all. We wish we could make each and every one a theme but that just isn’t possible at times. Nonetheless, each month you will have new tools to mix up and diversify your training – some of which you have likely never seen or used before. Get creative with your routine and check our blog for tips and tricks to take your game to the next level.
When you receive your first StrengthCrate will all depend on when you sign up. StrengthCrates are sent out once per month, between the 15th and the 18th ( Unless these days fall on a weekend). To be included in a shipment you need to sign up before the cutoff date of the 11th! If you sign up after the 11th you will receive the next months StrengthCrate.
When you first sign up you will be billed automatically. Every month after you will be rebilled on the 22nd of the month. If you wish to not receive the next months StrengthCrate you must cancel before the re-bill date (22nd of every month).
If you cancel prior to the re-bill date you will not receive the following months StrengthCrate. If you cancel after the current months re-bill date you will receive one more crate to end your subscription.
We understand that during shipping items get tossed around and may not come in the best shape. If your damaged item is unused, straight out of the box, we will send a replacement. Any other issues are dealt with on a case by case basis and you will need to bring it to our attention immediately. If you ever have any concerns please send an email to –
You would purchase a gift crate in the same way you would a normal subscription by first clicking on subscribe, choosing the box you want to give and filling out the athlete survey. Once the survey is done you will be sent to checkout. On the checkout page there is a check box for gift crates – simply check this box and you are good to go.
There is no way for us to know if this information is wrong so after you sign up please log back into your account and double check that all of your information is correct. If anything is wrong, you can change it at any time but please make sure that you have all your information correct prior to your billing date!
Yes simply log into your account and you will see a list of your active subscriptions. Click “Edit” and make the appropriate changes. The changes will take effect when the subscription renews.
Sign into your account and click “Edit” on the box that says “Your Subscription”. When the screen appears click “Cancel Subscription” on the bottom left and confirm on the next screen. **IMPORTANT** If you cancel on or after the 22nd of the month (renewal date) you will not be refunded and you will receive one more crate.
StrengthCrate’s are shipped between the 15th and the 18th of every month.

We ship via USPS Priority for USA and CAN. For any other country outside of the US we ship via DHL.